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I love the flexibility, sense of community, vast variety of content; a lot of bang for the buck. 


Online Training with Thrive

You WANT to practice... but... LIFE

You know, the life you've worked so hard to make for yourself gets in the way, ALL THE TIME!

I totally get it!  I spent 16 years in a crazy busy, stressful, "cool" corporate job, working ridiculous hours, chasing the "dream." (Whatever THAT was.)

I worked hard, and I worked out even harder. I loved weights, running, and anything super physical. Then, something happened.

I got hurt.

Pretty badly. I had 8 rounds of epidural steroid shots in my back (and keptbeating up my body), and was told basically, "ok, no more shots for you missy, it's time for surgery."

I wasn't even 30 at the time. (What a BABY, right!?!?)  

I got super depressed. I couldn't find the outlet I used all those years. I gained weight, hurt more, and then found yoga. 

The rest is history.

Now, ten years and countless hours training myself and others, I am confident when I tell you, I can help you.

I can help you feel better, get stronger, sleep better, even eat better, naturally. You are not alone. You have a partner, a guide, a helper to get you to your next level.

I'm not just another exercise person, I'm a real life working mom of two, that overcame some serious obstacles to live a full, healthy life.

I can show YOU how. Let's Get Started

The atmosphere, instruction, mentoring and direction our class received throughout the course was of the highest standard. I truly feel yoga has changed my life and am thankful for this teaching experience.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for Thrive Online All Access

Your Virtual Private Coach

Sure, You can find free workouts online, but are you going to do them? With Thrive Online, you get the accountability you need without killing your joints, wherever you are today!

Live Virtual Sessions

Meet virtually to work toward your goals inside Thrive Elite and during COVID 19 Crisis, join live Classes.   

Thrive Online Library

A Full Library of High Intensity Low Impact Workout Videos, deeply relaxing videos, mobility building videos, Tutorials, and more!

Real Time Support

Go ahead, ask me questions, reach out and tell me your goals, tell me what you want to work on and just maybe you'll get a personalized session!

Here's what just a few more folks have to say about THRIVE

P. Lighthourgne

Busy Mom

Take the Time Out and Challenge Yourself 

For a mother that has a hard time focusing on herself and is lost/overwhelmed with responsibility, take the time out and challenge yourself with Jennifer Dixon of Thrive Yoga and Wellness. I promise you will feel energized and in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

A. Smith


Best Decision I made for myself.

Cancelling my Gold's Membership and coming here is the best decision I've made for myself!

Inside Thrive Online

Training as Unique as You are


Simple, Easy to Follow Tutorials

IF You are BRAND NEW to working out, yoga, fitness, or online training, the first thing you should do is head into Thrive Online Membership area and check out our Tutorials on commonly practiced exercises.


Thrive Online: Unlimited Access to Workouts

Inside Thrive Online we have a growing library of workouts good for folks looking to burn some calories, move their bodies, and do it all with little to no impact on their joints. This highly effective workout is just that, WORK, but you can do it, I can help you!


Thrive Elite: Real, Live, Virtual Training

Thrive Online Elite Training also includes weekly strength training workouts, meal planning ideas, access to an online arsenal of strength and mobility building workings, accountability from your advocate.


Real Live Help: In Real Life

I get it, sometimes, you just can't remember what we covered, or you just don't know how to recover quicker, I can help you and you get direct access to me during your training with Thrive Online & Thrive Elite. With access to a private Whats App group and personal interactions, you are not alone!

About Jennifer Dixon

Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500, Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and INFS certified Personal Trainer is a wife, mom of two, busy Yoga Studio Owner, Community Builder, and most importantly an advocate for Wellness.  Wellness doesn't begin and end with the number on the scale.

Jennifer believes that, although it is a contributing factor to your overall wellness, true wellness includes your ability to move with less pain, to live a life Centered and Grounded, to be able to make good healthy, balanced food decisions, and to be able to hold yourself up on all levels.

She is a motivator, a friend, a drill sargeant, and a confidant. Training with Jennifer is like Yoga Training on steroids.

Your classes are so hard! But you make them so much fun, I'm laughing while it burns!


You Deserve To Feel Better, Let Me Help You

What is your Health Worth? Have you tried gym memberships and just never made it? Are you so busy the idea of adding one more trip to your daily calendar makes you want to curl up in the fetal position with that container of raw cookie dough? (no judgement, been there done that!) 

How hard did you work to get to where you are today? 

I'm betting you worked A.LOT. --not just in school, but in your work, in your family-you were a MACHINE. You ARE a MACHINE. You have made it in your life. Now's the time to celebrate your hard work and make you feel better.

That's why you deserve Thrive Elite Training. 

Private Training costs easily $100/hour. I know folks that pay as much as $250/hour and more! With Thrive Elite Training, you pay a fraction of the Private Training Costs but you get ALL the benefits of a Personal Coach, a Wellness Coach, a Friend and an Advocate for Your Health.


Life Changer

No Commitment,
Thrive Online Membership PLUS

Weekly Goal Setting One on One & Check in

Weekly Strength Training program

Nutritional Counseling 




  • Direct daily Access to Jennifer
  • Immediate Access to Thrive Online
  • Access to live Virtual Group Training Sessions

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